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Flavorful Extracts and Potions

Flavorful Extracts and Potions

These extracts are made with 100% Pure Madagascar Vanilla Beans. They can be used in all sorts of delicious goodies, such as cakes, frosting, glaze, ham, yams, smoothies, coffee, tea...the list is endless. 

For Extracts, I suggest using 1 - 1 1/2 tsp for batter recipes or to your liking.

For Potions, I suggest using 1- 2 tsp for recipes that are heat induced (baking) and 1/4 tsp for recipes not requiring heat, such as frosting. 

All extracts are FDA approved. 

Madagascar Vanilla Extract

100% Pure Vanilla using Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Each bottle arrives with a Vanilla Bean in it. You may slice the bean to expose the caviar (vanilla bean seeds), and place back in the bottle for more flavor. You can also scrape the caviar out of the bean, and place the bean back in the extract. You can use the caviar to amp the flavor of your dish.  The seeds from 1 Vanilla Bean = approximately 1 Tbsp. of vanilla extract. 

Holiday Spice Extract

Perfect for the holiday baking season. This extract is a wonderful blend of spices commonly used in during the holiday season. Add a tsp or 2 to Candied Yams, Baked Ham, or Carrot Cake, etc. 

Pound Cake Potion

A special blend of flavors that will provide your goodies with a rich and robust flavor.